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"The Texture of Me" is a multifaceted initiative that aims to create awareness on the biases, discrimination, and mental health issues relating to natural textured hair. By combining education, personal stories, resources, support, skill-building activities, community building, collaborations, and advocacy, "The Texture of Me" aims to empower individuals and create a society where bias and discrimination based on natural textured hair are dismantled, and everyone is embraced for their unique beauty and identity. 


"The Texture of Me" has built an incredible community that recognizes the importance of integrating textured hair education and mental health. By offering a space where individuals can learn about their unique hair textures while addressing the emotional well-being tied to it. Our community is truly making a positive impact. Our YouTube podcasts, workshops, online forums, and social media engagement demonstrate our commitment to fostering inclusivity and support. Our work is in empowering and uplifting the textured hair community through education and mental health awareness!


The Texture of Me Education excels in providing comprehensive offerings that focus on textured hair education and mental health. By recognizing the intertwined relationship between hair and emotional well-being, we offer a holistic approach that nurtures both aspects. Through our offerings, we create an inclusive and empowering environment. By combining textured hair education and mental health awareness, we equip individuals with the knowledge, tools, hair products, and support needed to embrace their natural hair, cultivate self-confidence, and nurture their overall well-being.

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