Here we introduce you to our programs to  help you find the class best suited for you. Our targeted classes are built to help every person learn and grow. We offer personal haircare education classes for at home purposes and professional level education classes for professional stylists and cosmetology schools.

Textured Hair CE  Credits for License Renewals 
Our continuing education in textured hair care is a pathway to mastery and staying relevant in a dynamic industry. It benefits professionals by enriching their skill set and benefits clients by ensuring they receive the highest level of care for their unique hair textures.

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Créditos CE  de Cabello Texturizado para Renovación de Licencias
Nuestra educación continua
en cuidado del cabello texturizado es un camino hacia la maestría y la relevancia en una industria dinámica. Beneficia a los profesionales al enriquecer su conjunto de habilidades y beneficia a los clientes al garantizar que reciban el más alto nivel de atención para sus únicos tipos de cabello texturizado.

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Professional level Education for Cosmetologist and Cosmetology Schools
Professional development in textured hair education provides hairstylists and beauty experts with the essential knowledge and expertise to masterfully serve the distinct requirements of various textured hair types. This not only enhances their professional growth and earnings but also elevates the overall satisfaction and experience of their clients.

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Personal Textured Hair Education for non professionals . Learn to style your own kinky, coily, curly, wavy hair or your children's hair from home

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