About "The Texture of Me"

"The Texture of Me" is a versatile endeavor with the objective of promoting understanding regarding biases, prejudice, and mental health challenges linked to hair with natural textures. Through a blend of informative instruction, personal narratives, available tools, encouragement, competence enhancement exercises, communal bonding, cooperative ventures, and proactive promotion, "The Texture of Me" strives to embolden individuals and foster a culture in which preconceptions and biases directed at natural textured hair are deconstructed, allowing each person's distinct beauty and individuality to be warmly embraced.

Tammy Jolivette

CEO and founder of “The Texture of Me (TTOM)

      Great day! Great day! Welcome to "The Texture of Me." This is Dr. Tammy White-Jolivette and I proudly wear the hat of CEO and founder for "The Texture of Me" (TTOM). Before diving into my doctoral studies, I devoted more than 20 years to cosmetology and hair education. With an unwavering passion and a wealth of knowledge about textured hair, I've birthed the company "The Texture of Me."

       Our endeavor, "The Texture of Me," stands as a beacon of education for cosmetologists and anyone eager to deepen their comprehension of textured hair care and its rich history. By providing in-depth education, tailored advice, and nurturing community bonds, "The Texture of Me" is challenging traditional beauty standards. Our collective drive accentuates the power and confidence of individuals celebrating their natural textured tresses.

       Furthermore, "The Texture of Me" is at the forefront of highlighting the intertwined relationship between mental health and hair. This unique connection has been termed “Post Traumatic Hair Syndrome.” Our commitment to spreading this awareness has led us to offer diversity training on the subject to numerous organizations, and the positive impact is evident. We are actively pursuing further research to amplify this understanding and awareness.

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